Brecht Simeon Visser (born 22 May 1999 in Amsterdam), known professionally as B. Fisher, is a Dutch rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer.

Fisher grew up in an artistic family where classical music as well as soul, jazz and funk featured prominently. His grandfather was a senior teacher of organ at the conservatory and an innovator of church music. As a young child, Brecht would listen to his grandfather playing his minimal music compositions in huge, empty churches and that’s where he caught the bug.

When Brecht was four, he was diagnosed with cholesteatoma, a disease of the inner ear. The progressive illness was fortunately brought to a halt following six operations, but he was left mostly deaf in his right ear. However, his left ear is exceptionally good and he often hears better than someone with two healthy ears. As he puts it himself: “I don’t care, music is my passion, whether I’m half deaf or not.”

As an adolescent, Fisher was happy but also a bit of a loose cannon and it was music that kept him on course, gave him focus and direction. At age fourteen he set up a YouTube channel on which he curated other people’s music. The channel quickly became successful and he soon had over 200,000 followers. This became his launching pad into the music industry. Suddenly anything was possible. During this period, Fisher took a course in music production in Amsterdam, from which he graduated when he was 19.

He grew to become a producer, rapper and singer of unconventional hip-hop music with a soulful vibe. B. Fisher absorbs new influences like a sponge. Not just in the field of music, but fashion, design and definitely also in terms of personal growth. He only likes compositions that have deeper layers that appeal to people. “I’m just emerging from the transition from an oblivious dreamer to a man who is more in touch with reality, and that transition was pretty intense. Music has also helped me find my own way in this new stage of my life and to dare to be authentic. ‘Daring to be yourself’ is something I want to pass on to other people too.